Body tellsThink of a time when you met someone and had an instant impression of how his or her life has been:  sorrowful or fulfilling, angry or happy, welcomed or resisted.

You instinctively knew this. That person’s body shouted it out.

Everything that happens in our lives, from inside and outside ourselves, imprints its part of our story on our body, physically and biochemically.  Whether or not we like it, the body remembers, never lies and tells the tale.

Your body tells your story.  Do you like your story? Or would you like to revise and amend parts of it?

Body imprint

We assign meaning to the things that happen to and around us: and every meaning generates feelings attached to it.  These feelings change our state and our physical chemistry, leading to body sensations.
An example is making a report or presentation at work.  The meaning you assign is that your job depends on how well you do with this. This leads to a feeling of anxiety.  The anxiety translates into things like “butterflies” in your stomach, cramping, headache, sweating, chills, nausea.
When fleeting, these reactions don’t leave a mark, but when they are a regular occurrence their effects become etched in the body.
Focusing on how your body is responding to the events in your life can begin to show you what meaning you regularly assign to things and interactions.  You can notice how your body is affected.  This allows you to see where you can make choices that would be better for you.

Your body is a true friend.

Paying attention to the sensations and symptoms of your body can guide you to heal what needs healing and reinforce those aspects that are already good.  Translating your body’s messages is a skill worth practicing — if you want your life to be authentically yours and vibrant.
The biography written in your very tissues is broadcast to all whom you meet.  How do you want it to read?

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