Do you know that your body is your biography?

Body tellsThink of a time when you met someone and had an instant impression of how his or her life has been:  sorrowful or fulfilling, angry or happy, welcomed or resisted.

You instinctively knew this. Their body shouted it out to you.

Everything that happens in our lives, from inside and outside ourselves, imprints its part of our story on our body, physically and biochemically.  Whether or not we like it, the body remembers, never lies and tells the tale.

Your body tells your story.  Do you like your story? Or would you like to revise and amend parts of it?

Body imprint

If not doing it already, focusing on how your body is responding to the events in your life can begin to powerfully strengthen and heal and let you know when to get help to open up the tight, restricted places that hurt and ache, regardless the cause.

The biography then written in your very tissues reads as a body and a life that is flexible, truly healthy and exudes a balanced vitality that other people want to be around.

Somewhere early on my own journey, I came to realize my calling : assisting my fellow travelers in writing the health and wellness story they want to live.

Each of us has something of great value to offer our communities, and my happy contribution is through hands-on bodywork, massage, wellness coaching and mentoring massage therapists.

Every moment in service with a client is another marvelous opportunity for each of us to expand our ability to connect with our authentic selves and to resonate with that in others.  That connection is where the joy of life is found.

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