Endorsements and Appreciation

Massage Client Comments

“I had severe disabling pain in my lower back and figured I’d try Brenda’s massage therapy. After one 30-minute session, I was much better. The next day I awoke with no pain !”  

Pat Conway

“I have been to many Wellness experts and Brenda is by far the best I have ever had the pleasure of receiving a true healing touch from! Brenda is amazing.  She is kind-hearted, caring and filled with knowledge.

For all of you out there who have been considering A Touch of Wellness but have not been to see Brenda – you MUST be good to yourself and make an appointment with her.  You will never regret it.”  

Tricia Hackenson

“I highly recommend Brenda to anyone looking for a professional LMT that gives outstanding value and true expertise.  Each time I visit Brenda for massage, it’s as though I’m transported to a relaxing, calm vacation somewhere instead of the middle of busy Pinellas County.  Her calm demeanor and true interest in her client’s wellbeing creates a level of trust and expertise that is hard to find in her industry. I have used over a dozen LMT services in the past 20 years and Brenda is by far in the top two of them.”  

Walt Morey, Professional Business Advisor

“A Touch of Wellness is a proper title for a most relaxing experience. Ms Armstrong is well trained and adapts her knowledge to the individual and their particular problem. She is a pleasant, friendly extrovert who can work silently or be verbally supportive. I know I will have feelings of gratitude the rest of my life for my contact with this form of treatment.”

George Stark, M.D.

“Brenda, you have angel energy in your hands.”


“Dear Brenda, I want you to know how grateful I am.  After being in a great deal of discomfort, I was able to enjoy the rest of our visit to the island and the trip home, thanks to you.  You do indeed have healing hands.”  


“I have chronic, severe lower back problems caused by degeneration of two of my lumbar discs.  Surgery has not been recommended for this, but rather an ongoing program of lifestyle control and exercise.

This condition is aggravated by stress and tension to the extent that I have difficulty walking.  Because my doctor suggested an ongoing program of massage therapy, I began seeing Brenda Armstrong for weekly massage therapy eight months ago.

There has been significant improvement in my physical wellbeing since this program began.  Not only does the therapy reduce stress and tension, it also improves my flexibility and overall muscle tone. I have had almost no back pain or difficulty walking since I entered therapy.

Brenda is a disciplined health professional whose massage therapy program has provided me with significant physical and psychological benefits.  Her weekly sessions are an integral part of my back maintenance program and one which I would strongly endorse for other sufferers.”  

William J. Curley, Ad Executive.

“I have always known Brenda’s Touch of Wellness to be just that:  a profound experience of enhancing my sense of well being on much more than just the physical level.”

I wanted to create a whole day of nothing but simply feeling good, a segment of time just for myself, to begin with one of Brenda’s treatments and end with one — the space between filled with all the activities I’ve known to uplift.  And what a day it turned out to be !

The morning treatment released physical tension, softened muscles, created space in my skeletal structure, the perfect preparation for my yoga practice.  The evening session presented evidence of perfectly balanced currents of energy flowing through the subtle levels and a deep sense of connection to self.  It was a great reminder of gentle therapeutic touch effortlessly freeing and summoning much energy, through Brenda’s inspired work.

Thank you Brenda for your unique approach to wellness at its best.”  

Margot Zimmerman

” I feel like a new person.  Thank you !”


“I suffer from traumatic arthritis as a result of a motorcycle accident and have had several operations with the hope that there will be a decrease in pain.

With the pain causing tension in various muscles ….. leading to more discomfort…… my coping mechanism fails, making life miserable.

I’ve been receiving treatment from Brenda Armstrong in the form of massage therapy once a week for nine months.  Brenda works to relax muscles, release tension and break the pain / tension cycle and enables me to cope.

Since seeing Brenda, I have been able to live my life without the ‘haze’ of painkillers.”  

Cindy Hill

“Spending an hour with Brenda is like time traveling through a primeval forest of total relaxation and spiritual bliss.”

Doug White

“For the past several years I have been in excruciating pain, with the doctors unable to help.  I am happy to say that the past two months my body has begun a steady recovery.  Thanks to Brenda’s massage therapy, severe pains are a thing of the past.”

Molly Punter

“Before becoming pregnant, I worked as an intake worker with a children’s mental health clinic.  The job demanded that I work with adolescents in crisis.  This job had a high degree of stress.

To be more effective in my job, I went to see Brenda for massage therapy, and have been seeing her on a regular basis for two years.  I’ve been so pleased with the results that I’ve recommended her to friends and fellow workers, some of whom have become Brenda’s clients.

I’ve now left the job and continue to see Brenda as I see the benefits of massage for pregnant women”……………………………………..

…………………..followed some months later by this note……………………

“Dear Brenda, thank you for my total care. I want you to know the important role you have played in ensuring the health and wellbeing of both this mother and child. Be continually blessed.”  

Marie Buchok

“You have the kindest demeanor of anyone I have ever met.”   

Yvette Cox

“As a runner and squash player, I have seen many of my friends sustain serious injury while participating in these sports.  My visits to Miss Armstrong help prevent such injuries because of her excellent techniques for stretching and massaging my muscles and joints. Similarly, muscle aches such as a stiff neck or sore feet can be alleviated totally during one of her massage sessions.

Stress from life in general can sometimes make one’s day intolerable.  There is no greater relief than to relax in a quiet, soothing room and have the tightness and feelings of frustration worked away through massage.  Miss Armstrong is performing an extremely useful service for her clients.”  

Sharon A Mertens

“Bliss is Brenda’s office.”  


In-house Chair Massage of 10-15 minutes, clothed.

“Having Brenda come every week helps release the stress of the day-to-day work routine.  It’s a great, relaxing way to break up the day.”

“What a great stress release !  I look forward to it immensely every week.  It’s great, she’ll focus on any problem areas you might have.”  

The Ladies at East End Secretarial Service

Workshops & Presentations

“Brenda, I would like to extend our thanks to you on behalf of the residents of the WP Archibald Community Residential Centre for your informative and delightful presentation of Stress Management.  During the discussion, it was evident the men not only enjoyed your animated approach to the topic but from comments made afterward to both myself and other staff, it was obvious they had absorbed and assimilated a lot of information.”

R. Lange, Assistant Director, WPA Correctional Services, Canada

” WOW ! You made it happen.  Senators Burke and Gomez join me in offering our congratulations.  The Woman’s Legislative Caucus is so very grateful for your time, commitment, and cooperation in planning and executing a series of wonderful events.  We hope you are as convinced, as we are, that your efforts will have a long-term, positive impact on our communities.”

Senate President Lorraine Berry, St Thomas, US Virgin Islands

” Brenda, your manner relaxed everyone, and your knowledge and ability to communicate with people elicited everyone’s trust, even for very new ideas and experience.  What a gift !”  

…………..followed several years later with this note………………

” You work with the same integrity and care as you did when we met in 1982 and your massage introduced me to bodywork and body wisdom.”  

Janie Rogers.  Teacher,Kingston High School, Ontario, Canada

I have known Brenda Armstrong for some years now.  This highly intelligent lady tutored me for the Ontario Department of Health examination for my (massage therapy) registration.  The high marks I received in this examination were in large part due to Brenda’s teaching.  Brenda possesses the skills which make her a ‘natural’ in the teaching field.

Brenda also has a very high reputation as a very capable and efficient therapist who is sincerely dedicated to helping people.”

John Carey

Dear Ms. Armstrong:

On behalf of the University of the Virgin Islands, please accept our sincere appreciation for your participation in our Benefits Fair held December 6-7, 2005.  Your participation helped to make our Benefits Fair a success !

The Human Resources Department has received positive feedback from those employees who attended.  Your willingness to participate and the wealth of information and guidance that you provided is highly commendable.

Again, we say a heartfelt thank you for your participation.  We look forward to your continued participation and support of the initiative of the University’s Human Resources Department.


Desserie A. Smith, Human Resources Specialist, University of the Virgin Islands.

Find out what clients are saying about their experiences


Brenda is an exceptional woman and massage therapist. She delights in aiding other therapists in their quest to enhance not only their massage careers but to enrich their personal lives as well. It was a pleasure to be coached by Brenda; I left with an expanded knowledge on how to move forward on my career path as well as a  helpful tool kit of information to help direct my goals and ambitions along the way.

Thank you,

Carolyn A. Peterson, LMT MA 52713

Students of the 40-hour course, Introduction to Massage Therapy,  developed and taught by Brenda Armstrong at the University of the Virgin Islands.

“This was an excellent course which I think had a lot to do with the instructor.  It would really be nice if you could teach to certify students on a professional level.  Great!”

“I have learned a great deal – about massage – and about myself.  Thank you!”

“Thanx, Brenda, for everything! You are by far the best teacher I have had.”

“Please come back and teach another class.  Also I thank you for opening my eyes to the human body.  It’s a great machine.”

“I would like to take what I’ve learned in this class and improve my skill in the professional aspect of this field.  Thank you for devoting your time to introduce us to your world.”

“You did a good job.

Take a bow !!!”

“This course validates for me the power of touch and healing.” Class of 2006