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  • 1. Is your office disabled accessible?


    Yes.  There are several parking spaces at the front of the building designated for less able drivers.  Access from the parking lot is easy and we have washrooms designed to accommodate a wheelchair.

    A Touch of Wellness is located immediately off the front lobby.

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  • 1. What should I expect when I come for a massage?

    First and foremost, you can expect complete confidentiality. 

    On your first visit, you will be asked to fill in a general health and wellness questionnaire.  We'll discuss it, and the specific reason for your seeking massage/bodywork.  Together, we will work to accomplish your goals.

    Typically, at each session we will talk before the work on the massage table about what might have changed since the previous session.  After the table work, we can discuss your experience and any self-care that would be helpful.

    The session is for your benefit.  During your massage, you might wish to talk, exchange information, ask questions........or you might wish to be quiet and relax deeply.

    Rest assured, you will be supported in whatever manner is right for you.

    Arrive at your appointed time and add 15 minutes to allow for preparation, treatment and an easy, un-rushed closing.

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  • 2. Should massage hurt?

    Much depends on the skill and sensitivity of the practitioner.  Some techniques can be briefly uncomfortable before you feel relief, but the force should never be great enough to cause pain.

    If you find yourself holding your breath, wincing, tightening up or pulling away from the practitioner's hands, the session is losing its therapeutic value.  If your muscles are tight and hard, it is becoming a battle of wills : your body against the practitioner's agenda.  A practitioner might be strong enough and apply enough pressure to force through your body's defenses and constrictive pattern, in which case you might experience an immediate sense of release and relief.

    However, as this release did not come from within your tissues but from an outside force, there is a tendency for the body, in its innate wisdom, to re-establish those defenses and patterns more strongly - reinforcing all the muscular constrictions you hoped would be relieved.

    Repeated sessions of this type are likely to provide temporary relief at best.

    It could also be that the approach being applied is simply not appropriate for your body.

    If you are ever experiencing pain during a massage session because of the technique being used, ask the practitioner to change it.

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  • 3. Do I have to take my clothes off?

    Some techniques don't require the removal of clothing.  A good, versatile therapist will be able to adapt her techniques to the needs and comfort level of each client.  Regardless of the amount of clothing you keep on, in a professional setting a drape should always be provided.  If you are uncomfortable undressing to any degree and a massage practitioner demands it, walk away and find another therapist.

    At A Touch of Wellness, your comfort is of primary importance and allowing you to feel safely cared for is key, so you will never be asked to remove more clothing than you wish.

    Having said that, there is a great sense of freedom and release of tension one feels without the constriction of clothing.  During a massage session, the body's blood, lymph and energy flow better when clothing is not binding or cutting into any part of the body.  Also, some techniques require direct contact with the skin.

    If you are unused to removing all your clothing, you might try taking this step when you feel more secure with your massage therapist.  But, again, this should never be an obligation.  Remember, here your sensibilities are respected and you are encouraged to take such steps at your own pace.

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  • 4. How long should I wait to exercise after a massage/bodywork session ?

    The effect of a massage/bodywork session can continue for several hours, often into the next day, with changes which might be dramatic or subtle.  It is always best to avoid any strenuous activity for 24 hours to allow your system to integrate these shifts.

    The one exception is if you are receiving massage in preparation for an athletic event and that is a very specific methodology.

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  • 1. What is your refund policy?


    If you are dissatisfied with any of our products, return it within 14 calendar days with the receipt for full product refund or exchange.  Shipping costs are not refundable.

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  • 2. What if I have to cancel an appointment?

    If you need to change or cancel your appointment, please do so at least 24 hours in advance to avoid paying 50% of the Service Fee.  Providing my service to my clients supports them and me. Thanks for understanding.

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  • 1. What forms of payment can I use?


    All major credit cards are accepted : Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover as well as Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and PayPal.  Checks and Cash are accepted when paying in person.

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  • 2. Why should I set up an account online?

    You can always call and talk with me but sometimes it's easier to do this stuff directly online.

    Here's what you can do 24 hours a day any day:

    • Book or change an appointment - note that if you are cancelling within 24 hours of the appointed time, you'll need to call me because at that point this option is not available.

    • Set up a series of appointments

    • Keep an eye on how many sessions you have still to use of the series you purchased

    • See your upcoming appointments, gift certificates, credits and account details

    • Check your record of past appointments and payments

    • Write a review of your experience - which I always welcome

    • Send me an email message directly from the Inbox Messaging

    Try it now.


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  • 3. How do I book a session of my prepaid series?


    Go to the Services page and click on Special Offers, then log in.  Your series will appear.

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  • 4. How can I make an appointment?

    You have three options for setting an appointment

    1)  Use the online schedule to confirm your time instantly.

    2)  Call 727-265-0909.  You might have to leave a message ad do a little phone tag.  I always try return calls as quickly as I can within business hours.

    3)  You can email me through my contact page.



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  • 5. How does online booking work?


    Go to the scheduling page and click the book now button.  Choose the session you want with the date and time. Series are listed under special offers.

    You will set up a free, secure account with your name, email address and password.  The value of setting up an account is that:

    • You will not need to enter all your information each time you book an appointment.

    • You can keep track of any series that you buy and any appointments you have set for the future.

    • You can check your payments, credits and gift certificates.

    When you book your appointment, you will receive by email a detailed confirmation of the time, address and directions to the office and within the building.  48 hours prior to your appointment, you will receive a reminder by email and/or text message.  This way, if you need to cancel or change the date/time you will be ahead of my 24-hour cancellation fee.

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  • 1. What if I am allergic?


    I recognize that some people are sensitive to incense, candles, herbal or essential oils, nut oils and other substances.

    At A Touch of Wellness, I use organic unscented massage lotion that contains no nut oils when the technique requires a lubricant. Essential oils are used when they are effective but not without your knowledge and consent.

    I do not burn incense or real candles. Cats are not allowed in the office.

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