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As a socially and environmentally conscious person, I seek to understand and thrive in harmony with everything that touches my life.  I keep growing as a massage therapist, life solutions coach and product developer and my writings spring from various interests.

I never know what I might post, so come back often or subscribe on the right for my newsletter. I’m also interested in what you think about these things so please comment if you feel like it.

We are multi-faceted, dynamic beings in an ever expanding world of baffling choices, and Touch Matters presents a wholistic approach to living life as we intended – happy, health, harmoniously.

What do we celebrate with Christmas; or any other designated religious day, for that matter?  What, indeed, is religion and why should we care?

For those with a Christian perspective, Christmas is a particular time to acknowledge the arrival of

I've been thinking a lot about the concept of wellness and how different people perceive it.  So I decided to share my take on the whole thing.  Here's what I think about it.
Wellness is that overall sense that all is

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