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As a socially and environmentally conscious person, I seek to understand and thrive in harmony with everything that touches my life.  I keep growing as a massage therapist, life solutions coach and product developer and my writings spring from various interests.

I never know what I might post, so come back often or subscribe on the right for my newsletter. I’m also interested in what you think about these things so please comment if you feel like it.

We are multi-faceted, dynamic beings in an ever expanding world of baffling choices, and Touch Matters presents a wholistic approach to living life as we intended – happy, health, harmoniously.

Do you know that your body is your biography?
Think of a time when you met someone and had an instant impression of how his or her life has been:  sorrowful or fulfilling, angry or happy, welcomed or resisted.
You instinctively knew

Many moons ago I read "There is no way to happiness.  Happiness is the way" and I silently mumbled "Yeah.  That's a nice idea but how can you just be happy without a reason?"

What I've come to see is just

A documentary produced and narrated by actor, Sean Penn.
I recently invited a small group of friends to view and discuss this in my living room. It left all of us with a determination to do better. THE HUMAN EXPERIMENT lifts

How to Choose Toxin-free Flames - by Glynnis Osher, ABMP
There is nothing like the inviting glow of a candle to make us feel relaxed, guide us into a meditative state, or harmonize the ambiance of a room.  With all these

Could you use a smidgen of enchantment in your workplace?

Our workplaces could be less artificial, provide fresh air, natural light, a human schedule and pace, signs of nature, and things of beauty.

I love this piece written by Thomas Moore.  He

The only way to cure Lifestyle Diseases ..... is to change our lifestyle.

What is a lifestyle disease?
It is a disease associated with the way a person lives.
Examples include joint degeneration, obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, arterial blockage, and diseases associated

For that nagging, and sometimes breath-stealing, back pain you just can't get your hands on.

This simple, self-care massage method is for back pain that is muscular in nature:  you know you've tweaked muscles the wrong way, made them do too

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