AromaRight from the first whiff, I was hooked !

I was at my very first aromatherapy course in the year 2000, learning the therapeutic value, as well as the aromatic pleasure, of blending essential oils.
Discovering how healing, supportive and utterly marvelous they are, I anticipated great advantages in the use of these underestimated treasurers
I immediately adopted essential oils and began sharing my newfound knowledge with my clients and friends to enhance wellness and pain relief.

But they did not always share my enthusiasm !

Busy people just don’t have time to figure out how to use essential oils.  But I so wanted my circle of friends and clients to benefit with them.

There was nothing else for it.

I ventured into the world of manufacturing complete products, and discovered that ….  I loved it !  The perfect venue for my interests: herbal medicine, personal spaces, wholistic lifestyle, relationships.

I immersed myself in a small lab of my own design.

My LabSurrounded by hundreds of bottles and containers of oils, herbs, flowers, roots, seaweed, moss and more —  stirring, grinding, mixing my own concoctions — I continued to study with the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy.
I experimented.  I found what worked, sometimes by what didn’t work. Searching for, and designing, the right packaging and presentation to convey the intention of my creations was – well – FUN.

A line of products is born.

Table display 1 cropped for postOver a period of 10 years, I formulated and produced a variety of original hand-blended and packaged products whose primary active ingredients were essential oils.  I made custom salves to bring pain relief and ease assorted turmoil, both physical and emotional. I produced skin care, scented gifts, soaps, creams, bath salts.

Then, in January of 2011, it all stopped.

I was relocating to Florida and starting over.
Building a new therapy practice as well as a new facility for products was too much all at once.  So, as I moved to Tampa Bay, I chose to focus on my touch therapy/massage and life coaching practice.  My precious essential oils I kept for my personal use and closest friends.

Until a need arose four years later !

My sweetheart’s athletic past suddenly struck him with a fierce, immobilizing back spasm!  Waaay too severe to respond to massage.  What to do?  How could I give him the pain relief I knew was possible?

I whipped out my oils and some other ingredients and made him a gel.


Not only did it ease his back pain, it also profoundly soothed his arthritic wrists and hands; a legacy of his pole-vaulting days.

I watched him happily wiggle his fingers as the gel took care of the pain, swelling and ‘crispiness’ of the joints.

                 It turned out to be so effective he insisted I HAD to share it !

A budding artist and avid cook, he continues to use it regularly on his hands and wrists, enthusiastically spreading the word, and the gel, to everyone he can!

It helps me, too.

In 2012, I tore muscle and tendon in my right hip and leg.  This excruciating injury kept me at home for a solid month, unable to walk.  It has since healed quite well but occasionally some pain seeps through my leg at night in bed.
The Comfort Gel provides the pain relief I need and allows me to sleep.

Why should you care?

I’m sharing this because so many of us experience the residual effects of old injuries, degenerating joints, inflammation, painful swelling, plain old arthritis.   The thing is:

Nature and natural remedies can help

without harmful side effects.  You might want to try this. Find out more at Black Sheep Botanicals.

Comfort Pain Relief Gel Bottle

                            As always,

                ‘The right touch matters.’ ©

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