~ Made by Nature ~


~ Crafted by Hand ~

Black Sheep Botanicals are lovingly hand-made natural wellness products. Meticulously produced in small batches with pure plant oils and other organic and wild-crafted ingredients, they are formulated not only to support health and well-being, but also to delight the senses.

Our signature offering is our Comfort Gel to relieve Pain and Swelling of Joint, Muscle and Tendon.  It has proven so helpful in the soothing of Arthritis, Bursitis, Tendinitis that clients have reported the ability to eliminate or greatly reduce the use of pain-killing drugs in these chronic conditions.







Comfort Gel

the feel-good answer

for Joints, Muscles, Tendons

In addition to the soothing Comfort Gel, we have added a companion Comfort Soap.  Made with the same blend of essential oils as in the Comfort Gel, our pure vegetable glycerin Comfort Soap is the perfect cleanser for the whole body — especially good after physical activity or exercise workout.

With the same light, pleasant scent, this luxuriously lathering bar will keep you feeling your best.

Currently, you can buy product at the Black Sheep Botanicals shop on Etsy.com with this link.

We are working on getting detailed information with ingredients and background insight, shipping and policies onto these pages and you will soon be able to purchase these items right here.

In the meantime, if you have questions, or would like to purchase our products, you can visit the shop on Etsy or call 727-265-0909. Have your credit card handy if you wish to place an order.

Thank you for your patience as we build our online shop here at A Touch of Wellness. Please come back and visit.

I used this on my chronic areas – shoulder, neck, elbow, etc. and my jaw which had been in deep pain for a day.  This helped me tremendously !

Helen Mallory

Massage Therapist

In lifting and moving large 25-pound objects and using a 3-pound orbital sander for five hours, I re-injured the tendons in both of my forearms and the arthritic joints in my hands.

This caused pain, inflammation and stiffness in both hands but more severely in my primary hand. I did not even feel like brushing my teeth because of the pain.

I applied two coats of this gel.  Three minutes later, all the symptoms had subsided.

Joel Hoo

Retired Management Consultant